Who am I?

My name is Natalia Streltcova. I live with my husband and two children in Ellenberg, Ostalbkreis (Baden-Württemberg).

For over 7 years I have been working as a freelance artist and painter. Art has always been my passion. Already as a child, I liked to paint. My parents always supported me and encouraged me in my decision. Fortunately, I’ve never regretted it.


What excites me?

I am fascinated by simple things that surround us – sunset, colorful leaves in autumn, a small flower in the field or a stream lined with trees. Or my children who are very lively and curious and invent or discover something new every minute. All this flows into my artwork.

I am very pleased to welcome you to my website. Browse a little and simply let yourself be inspired.

My Galleries


Sunny angel

Sunny angel

Bird - main picture


Spring music

Myths of Dryads